Grow your wings and never be afraid to fail

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Co-authorized by Jarnell Stokes, NBA player, and Howard Flamm, movie producer.

Jarnell Stokes and Howard Flamm met when Jarnell was playing basketball for the Denver Nuggets. Jarnell grew up in the inner city of Memphis. He experienced many failures before changing his mindset to achieve the success he has had since high school and becoming a professional basketball player. Stokes was drafted in the second round of the 2014 NBA draft by the Grizzlies after majoring in communications at the University of Tennessee. He has also played for the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat. He won a gold medal as a member of the USA 2012 Championship Team. In his personal life, he focuses on developing healthy habits for his mind, body and soul. He has expanded his athletic success and this philosophy into building a health and consciousness-based business he named Stoked. He currently plays for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association. Visit his website at
Howard Flamm has been engaged in the creative arts for many years. He has worked as a stand-up comedian, commercial & television actor, screenwriter, and film producer. He is known for his feature film release, 'Shut Up And Kiss Me'. As a natural health practitioner, Howard also operates wellness centers in the West where he's helped transform many lives. He is most gratified by this opportunity to light the path for patients to reverse chronic disease. Howard believes that life is journey...not a destination. Howard grew up in Miami, FL... He now calls San Diego, CA his home.

What's inside

Wings to Fly is a book about finding the confidence and doing the work necessary to succeed in any endeavor. It teaches young readers about teamwork, sharing , uplifiting and spiritually inclined values, cooperation and never being afraid to take a chance because you might fail.


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Jarnell Stokes & Howard Flamm are a 'dynamic duo' writing team!
They wrote the book 'Wings to Fly' to help kids who feel lonely and
left out find a way to empower themselves and gain confidence.
Their #1 goal has been to provide pure inspiration to kids - and it shows!

What people are saying

Inspiring Our Children

Together, Stokes and Flamm have the desire and the dream to teach kids the importance of hard work, determination and dedication. The value of team- work goes hand in hand with success. ‘Wings to Fly’ was a collaboration from the heart and a combina- tion of life skills and success that both Stokes and Flamm have experienced.

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